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It is such a pain to manage music on my iPod classic 160 gb when connected to my computer. I hate that we cannot use the column browser, and I almost hate setting up playlists now.  It takes way more time than it used to, and makes me angry that we cannot utilize the functionality that was once offered in previous versions.   There are many people that feel the same.



Please bring back that important feature to iTunes

iPod classic (120 GB)
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    Hello cnclark68,


    iTunes 11 does look different than the previous versions of iTunes, but you can adjust some settings to make it look more familiar.  You can follow these steps to bring back the sidebar in iTunes:

    Show Sidebar - Choose View > Show Sidebar (this feature will display iTunes features on the left side of the application including Library, Store, Shared, Genius, and Playlists).


    You can find the full article here:

    iTunes 11: Frequently used features



    Also, if you are in the Music section and click on the Songs tab, you can enable the column browser by selecting View > Column Browser > Show Column Browser.


    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.



    Sheila M.

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    I think you are missing the point. its easy to turn on the column browser under music, and few other sections. But column browser is not available for ipod/ipad/device content. I have to scroll through 10000 songs on my ipod, without column browser. ridiculously stupid of apple to remove htat feature, which is why i had to go back to itunes 10.

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    I agree the new version of Itunes does not give you the same view whereby you can select the column browser or select the option to find duplicates when your IPOD is connected to your PC.


    When your device is connected to your PC it should mirror the menu options which are available on your Itunes software programme. Not greyed out, ie column browser, show me duplicates.


    To apple are you going to resolved this issue?

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply, Sheila.




    While the sidebar and can be enabled for the ipod/ipad/iphone music libray, this is not the same story with the column browser. While the column browser can be enabled when browsing the itunes music library, it can not be enabled to sort a specific devices library. This is quite problematic, especially when users such as myself have 50+ GB (7500+ songs) of music to sort through. Without the ability to enable the column browser, there is quite a bit of functionality lost.

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    Now I have a real problem!  I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 7.   Now it's forcing me to iTunes 11 to sync with my iPhone, but if I do that I won't be able to manage music on my iPod Classic with EFFICIENTLY b/c iTunes 11 won't allow me to use Column Browser with that device.   I have over 100 GB of music on there.   I need to be able to view the music with Column Browser.


    Why is Column Browser still disabled for iPod Classics?   That just doesn't make sense.  I can enable it for any other device.   Apple PLEASE, PLEASE fix this!

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    I found a version of Itunes 10.7 so I can use the old, much better interface.


    The elimination of the Column Browser was sheer stupidity by the usally savvy Apple designers.


    How can one manage thousands of songs with those big squares that take up so much screen real estate?


    I will not upgrade my Itunes 10.7 until the Column Browser is back.

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    I'm at work.  I have my iPod.  I'd like to listen to a specific album, and forget trying to pick a compliation without having to type in the whole album title exactly as it appears on the unit.  I COULD click three times and pick exactly what I wanted, but no, that ability has been removed.  You CANNOT use the column browser anymore with your device in iTunes.  It has to be used on the library ONLY.  I don't have my entire library duplicated to my work computer.  That would render my iPod useless, I'd think.  I've got 60 GB of music to sort through, and the column browser would be so much easier to use.  What's frustrating is that it used to be available, but it has been disabled by Apple for some reason.  I can only think it's some way of forcing me to buy something new.  Why else would someone remove functionality?


    Incredibly frustrating.