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Hello guys

I got an apple wireless keyboard about a year ago (maybe two). It was working perfectly at first, until a while back I started to encouter situations where some keys suddenly started getting "pressed" (but they weren't actually physically getting clicked) repeatedly. I encountered this in games (the menu would start appearing and disappearing repeatedly, or when I have a full screen app open, it suddenly closes, when I'm on the desktop I start hearing "ting" sounds, when I click on a menu or dropdown list using the mouse it instantaneously closes. To stop it, I repeatedly clicked random keys. I suspect that the combination being repeated is the escape and cmd key (I was able to recreate the senarios using the escape key, except for the "ting" sound, it required both esc+cmd). I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas!

Note: I am using the keyboard with my MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion

Wireless Aluminium Keyboard, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    I just tried to use my keyboard with my Mac booted into Ubuntu, this time, while typing, the keyboard lags for a while then it suddenly inserts the letter many times consecutively. I'm not sure what's going on. No ideas? Could it be a hardware problem?