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I am using I cloud and two MAC computers in different locations. I upload my project to icloud from my IMAC using Pages. I then decide to download it from I cloud to work on it somewhere else on my Macbook. When I come to do this I cant find where it saves the document. Not only that -I can't find a 'Save As function because in your wisdom you've got rid of it? I go through a rigmorall of **** to find a way of saving the document where I -and not Apple- want to save it. This incidentally ends up with the function 'SAVE AS' turning out to be the thing that fixes it. SO WHY NOT LEAVE THAT FUNCTION IN AT THE START AND STOP WASTING MY TIME.


You no longer are selling to the average man with this thing. Until it is useable I will be telling everyone I know that it is a pain in the arse, that Apple have invented a mechanism for losing and confusing their clients. Put 'SAVE AS' back for goodness sakes. I spend my life writing. I am used to computers; why should I adapt to your ****-eyed system when a perfectly tried and tested sensible and functional one is already available?


I keep asking this, as do so many people. What part aren't you hearing? Is Apple so supremely confident that it no longer listens to its clients?


I wish I could act as you do towards my clients. But I wouldn't dare.


I would listen to them and adapt before they stopped looking in my direction.





From a disappointed customer who has had many Macs.


What is the point in writing this? You don't listen anyway.

Pages, Lost documents and wasted time.
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    Just hold down the OPTION key and it will appear in the File menu.


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    Hi hotpilchards,


    You are not talking to Apple here. You are talking to other users like yourself.


    Apple did listen. In OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion) Save As is back. See Kappy's reply.


    Please update your profile with details of your operating system and machines. That will help fellow users answer your questions. A profile such as "Pages, Lost documents and wasted time." is not helpful.


    Please stay with Apple Support Communities. You will see many interesting questions and helpful replies. I have learnt a lot by following these discussions.




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    Whilst I understand and sympathise with what you say, you didn't listen or pay attention when you entered these forums and assumed we are Apple employees.