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Attempt to burn a DVD and get this error code OX 800 200 22  "can't communicate with writer"

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.1)
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    Darndest thing:


    I read through the one REALLY long thread on this and found a strange answer for the problem from a user in the UK, as I have it occuring on an MDD running X.4.11 with no problem until I started using the english-extended character set in language settings.


    The Apple branded DVDRW stopped burning either DVD or CD, but the Pioneer DVDRW continued to have no problems, so I figured hardware problem. New hardware did NOT fix the issue. (AND I do NOT like that I had to buy a SATA drive whose data cable connection will NOT line up with the exisiting DVD drive - can NOT use both in the same drive carrier with the factory cable.)


    WHAT DID work, at least now, this instant in time, for me:


    AS noted in the UK posting - go to preferences international - languages - turn off all but english - set sorting order back to standard from english.


    I touched NOTHING else, however I did a reboot - and sucessfully burned a nearly completely full DVD-R through "burn" and then through finder - not a problem, this time. Prior attempts last night were complete and total failures. The console Crash Reporter for Disc Recording read like this at the last failure:


    Finder: IDE 16X: SCSITask 1025.888916 CDB: Write (10), block: 0, count: 64 failed with service response = 1 (SERVICE_DELIVERY_OR_TARGET_FAILURE), status = 1 (TaskTimeoutOccurred)

    Finder: Retry #1

    Finder: Burn failed, Thu Jul 25 01:36:26 2013

    Finder: Burn sense: 6/29/00 Unit Attention, Power on, reset or bus device reset occurred

    Finder: Burn error: 0x80020022 The device failed to respond properly, unable to recover or retry.


    NOT knowing exactly what the SCSI error message means - I am still reading through the SCSI users manual for that answer - but the fact that the error went away for two different burn sessions makes me think that the mysterious issue IS purely a software related issue with the interpretation of the file and disk names and the international preferences somehow.