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I have a mac mini that I hooked up to a JVC tv.  I attached a DVI-HDMI adapter to the mac mini, and connected it to my JVC with an HDMI cable.  it worked fine, but the resolution came out funny, so i changed it, and after changing it I cannot see anything on the tv anymore.  I have restarted countelss times, and that hasnt helped.  i unplugged it from my tv, and used a DVI-VGA adapter top plug it into an old VGA HP monitor, the mini boots up fine, i hear the boot sound, but I cannot view anything on any screen.  I do not have the ability to remote desktop in and change any settings.  I need a way to reset the computer as a whole, or to reset the display settings, without using a display.


please help!


Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6)