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I've been looking for a list of services, IP's or something that shows me exactly how OS X works with and relies on Akamai. I've seen Akamai being mentioned for Cloud service to help speed up download from the App Store and Software Updates and XProtect updates but no documentation anywhere to confirm this. Wondering if someone knows and/or can share documentation to help me find out how much data to/from my Macs runs through Akamai in one way or another.



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    Aplace to start.


    Akamai - mac

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    I have tried web searches of course but found very little actual documentation. Questions about download managers etc. plenty. Not the information i'm after.

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    Apple has not detailed their relationship with Akamai that I've ever seen, so I doubt that the information you're looking for will be publicly available, at least in any comprehensive way. 


    OS X doesn't "rely" on Akamai or any other such service, per se. When Apple uses such services, it's via a redirect from a URL to Apple's own domain which then gets routed by their systems to an appropriate reflector server where such are available. There's nothing hard-coded into OS X that does directly to such services that I've ever seen. This allows Apple to use whatever redundant server network they wish, their own or a third-party system such as Akamai, and to change it at any time. Apple's used a other distributed server networks, not just Akamai.