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I wasn't sure where to post this message, but since its on this operating system and happening to a lot of apps, its best to put here.


Since I had this Mac Air its been perfect and worked very well with what I've been needing.


But in the last week or two - I think due to an update.  Safari, Google Chrome, Shockwave, Java, iTunes and Photoshop CS6 all keep crashing on me.


iTunes just loads up then within 2 or 3 seconds brings up the crash report everytime.


Safari and Chrome do just about the same thing.  But they only crash now and again - shockwave crashes when I'm viewing multiple sites that use flash player and java the same.


These all did work fine up till a few weeks ago.


My only solution that I can think would be to do a complete reinstall, but don't really want to do that.


So any help would be grateful.


The funny thing is - I don't seem to have the same problems on a Mac Mini.


Thank you