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Hello All,

   I've got two mice here and neither of them are showing up on my MacBook Pro. They are an Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse and an Apple Magic Mouse. Both have new batteries and are showing the little green light on the bottom to show they are alive.



    When I do the Bluetooth "Browse" option on the laptop, I get Apple Magic Mouse and "Brian hardy's Computer (2), which is my old laptop in the Office. But I can't use the Magic Mouse. I get "error using this device".


    On my Wife iMac (purchased last year along with the laptop, trackpads and mice), when Bluetooth Browsing, I get Apple Magic Mouse, Ap Wrlss Keyboard, Apl Trkpad, brian hardy's Computer (2), and Apple MacBook Pro. The Magic Mouse actually works on her iMac. (To her annoyance though she mostly uses the trackpad.)


   The BT Set Up Assistant is useless. It simply points out that the Magic Mouse is "Not connected". Gee thanks. And how come nobody sees the Mighty Mouse? I'd be delighted to just be able to use that. As it is, I'm just using a wired mouse which is yet more clutter on the table.


   Sigh. It's very aggravating. You guys have any ideas on next steps? Thanks.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)