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Hello all,


We're gonna be setting up 10 iMacs for student use in the photography classroom and I'd like a few pointers for using ARD. We'd like to set it up so that each student has an account on the iMac they're assigned to. We'd also like for the only account with Administrator Access be the one we use for ARD, updating and the like. We'd like to be able to update Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and the systems themselves as effortlessly as possible. The administrator of the room also has an iMac and MacBook Pro. He'd like to be able to Administrate from both if possible.


Thanks in advance.

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    Hello there. I work in the tech department at a local private high school and we are an all Mac campus using ARD. We have 3 iMac labs plus all the teacher computers that we control with ARD. While I am not a unix guru or command-line expert in any way, I can offer to help you if you contact me directly.


    We have ARD admin running on the teacher computer to monitor and control the student computers. Teachers do not have access to local admin rights, but can view all the student screens and/or keep an eye on what the students are doing. Our tech department can login remotely with ARD to install software, perform updates, restart computers, or "screenshare" to assist teachers remotely. Contact me and I can help you set it up. 


    -- Evette Ogden




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    I'm sorry I was away over the past 6 weeks but I am very interested in how you achieve this setup.