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Dear All,


I need to upgrade two computers, one is a MacBook Pro Mid 2009, the other is a MacBook Air Late 2009. I need RAM for the Pro, and a new HD for the old Air.


So, the RAM for the MacBook Pro Mid 2009 I found is "Kingston 4Gb 1066Mhz Ddr3 Non-Ecc Cl7 Sodimm" (link). If I go to System Info in the Memory section, I see "ECC Disabled", DDR3, 1067 MHz... I believe this is the right RAM, am I wrong?


For the Air, I found "90GB OWC Mercury Aura Pro MBA SSD per MacBook Air 2008-2009 (Rev. B e C)" (link), which does not say if 2009 is early, mid, or late... and since the HD is dead in the Air, I cannot see the revision.



Can anyone help me? This is the first time I upgrade my Macs, so I am a little concerned...