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My activation has failed. Network time not set, unreachable. IP address starts with 169. What do I do.

Apple TV
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    Hi Mamador,


    This article most likely has the information you are looking for:


    Apple TV: Basic troubleshooting


    Network troubleshooting

    If you're not able to associate with a wireless network:

    • Check the IP address Apple TV is using. If it starts with 169.x.x.x, then the router or base station may not be configured properly. Check to see if DHCP access is available or configure Apple TV with a manual IP address.
    • If DHCP is available, go to Settings menu, select General then Network and Configure TCP/IP. Make sure the Apple TV is set to Automatic.
    • Check for any obstructions and adjust the location of the base station and/or Apple TV if necessary.
    • If security is enabled on the network, temporarily disable it on the base station and try connecting again.


    There are also additional articles linked from this one that may help.


    Take care,

    - Ari