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Hi sometimes when i try to power up my mac pro it won't turn on? like today i pressed the power button twice then it never starts up or plays the mac music it just sounds like its gonna start but never starts. after like 2 or 3 trys it will start any suggestions on what to do ? or any upgrades? its all stock right now.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Grant Bennet-Alder Level 8 Level 8 (49,285 points)

    If you have a Blinking Power light, that indicates not enough working RAM to start up.

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    clearing PRAM and NVRAM can help. A keyboard or its cable can sometimes cause trouble.


    Have you insured you have a good working bootable backup? create one as soon as possible. Boot into Recovery Mode for now.


    Also, slide all the drives out half way and try booting.


    If you reset nvram etc you will have to reset the Startup Disk selection and it will take longer and may show ? on startup searching for a boot drive.

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    No it does not blink. and i have tried reseting PRAM and SMC. Let me rephrase the problem, When i press the power button on my mac pro it will give power to my keyboard and mouse and audio interface, but the computer led above the power button doesnt light up and there is nothing going on in the actual computer screens won't turn on anything even if i let it run for 25 minutes it won't start up. so i have to force shutdown by holding down the power button for five or so seconds. Then the second time i hit the power button it usually works. and starts up correctly.




    this happens every time. it usually takes me powering it up once and force shutting it down then powering it up again to work sometimes i get it on my third try? i have reset my smc by

    • Shut down and unplug the Mac.
    • Keep the Mac unplugged for at least fifteen seconds.
    • Plug the Mac back in and do not turn it back on for at least five seconds.
    • Press the power button to turn the Mac back on.

    and i have reseted my pram by holding down command option p and r til i hear the mac music play again.


    my computer is working just fine minus i have to start it up twice for me to get to actually use my computer.

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    In addition, when my computer goes to sleep it won't start back up.