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I have an older Power Mac desktop computer. I do not believe it has the hardware to connect wirelessly to my wireless network. The computer is located on the 2nd floor of my house where there are no ethernet network connections so I would have to use wireless to connect to the internet. I have a wireless LinkSys router downstairs that I use to create my wireless network. I also have a Time Capsule upstairs but without the ability to plug an ethernet network cable into it, I cannot use it to get internet access t the computer.


What hardware can I add to give me the abiity to connect the Power Mac to my wireless network?


Is there a way perhaps to link routers? IE. Can I somehow have my existing wireless router downstairs connect wirelessly with the Time Capsule upstairs that i could then plug the Power Mac into for connectivity?


Not sure what version of OS this computer is currently using but do know it does not have the newer dual Intel processors. As such I am unable to update to newer OS versions.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Pre- Intel processors