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When you delete an application, it's data is not permanently deleted.  I'd like to know how you permanently delete all of the application data.

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    This is copied for an iPhone thread but it works the same way for an iPad.


    If you really want to get rid of it: iTunes>Library>Apps...right-click the app you want to delete, select delete, when prompted, move all files to trash, empty your trash. Then, make sure you first delete the app on your phone, then sync your phone. The app and all traces of its data will be gone.


    iTunes meaning launch iTunes on your computer and remove the app from your iTunes library as well.


    Here is the thread.


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    While restoring purchases on a new/replaced device from iCloud, if iOS does not restore HIDDEN apps from my iTunes account, that would be the right solution. If I need to reinstall a hidden app, I just unhide it and restore. This way, all the apps are there in our account but only the VISIBLE apps are downloaded to our device.