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I am currently using the iPhone 4S to communicate (via bluetooth) with a third party device that is Bluetooth enabled. From my research so far, it seems as though the iPhone 4S is using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to operate. I have also read that the iPhone 4S is a dual-mode device, meaning that the iPhone 4S can operate using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) as well as Classic Bluetooth.

My problem is that the third party device and the iPhone 4S are unpairing for brief periods of time very frequently. This is a problem because some instructions from the iPhone 4S to the third party device are lost during the periods of time when the two devices are unpaired. For the goal of this project, it is imperative that instructions are not lost in this manner.

Through my research into BLE, I have learned that BLE operates by remaining in sleep mode for most of the time and frequently wakes up to check for data transmissions. I think this may be what is causing those brief periods of unpairing. To test this, I would like to force the iPhone to use the Classic Bluetooth instead of the BLE. My problem is that I don't know which Bluetooth the iPhone 4S is currently using and I don't know how to force it to use BLE or Classic Bluetooth.

1. How do I find out if my iPhone 4S is connected to the third party device via BLE or Classic Bluetooth?

2. How do I force the iPhone 4S to use either the BLE or the Classic Bluetooth when pairing with the third party device?

3. Am I asking the right questions to solve this problem?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3