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i have some questions about iOS photos app in comparison to iPhoto (in 10.8).  i've done a little searching on the web and in the forum, but didn't see this covered...


i always sync my iPhone to my mac, copy/import my photos to iPhoto, and use iPhoto to organize my photos.  in iPhoto, i tag photos (keywords) and use "smart albums" to access all my photos based upon the keyword tags.  face detection in iPhoto is GREAT!.   i have all my friends faces named and finding them by "people" grouping is fantastic.  the down side to all of this is that i have everything working great on my mac, but usually i'm using the photos app in the iPhone to show pics to my friends since that is what i have with me.  i'm not sure if this information in iPhoto ever gets synced back to my iPhone. 


1- does the iOS photos app have any of these features from iPhoto? 

     in other words, can i tag photos, lable the faces of friends, set up smart albums in iOS photos?  if so, please point me to some info.  i haven't seen an obvious way to do any of this. 


2- can i sync what i do in iPhoto back to my iPhone?

     in other words, can i get the tags, peoples' names on their faces, and smart albums copied from iPhotos back to my iPhone?  is there some setting or command in iPhoto, or somewhere else?


3- i just turned on photostream.  can/does this iPhoto data transfer via photostream to the iPhone?


i have an iPhone 4.

i am just about ready to upgrade from iOS 5 to iOS 6.  so if any of these features are specific to iOS 6, please let me know. 


i'd appreciate it if you could mention if there is anything special about iOS in the iPad, because a friend has asked me how she can do in her iPad (iOS 6), what i do with iPhoto in my mac. 


thank you for any suggestions or advice. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, work iPhone