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So when I get an *.ics file (Calendar event) that I want to import to Calnedar stock app on my Air running ML, it lands in my Home calendar under iCloud?  I do not get a choice?


I have set up Exchange for work in Calendar and love it. 


However I want to be able to choose the calendar the appointments land in - or be able to at least change them once in the calendar (switch to home or Work - work = Exchange)...?


I cannot choose the calendar appoinments land in when accepting *..ics files - the Exchange one is in Green and is set as the default.


New appoinments that I create manually go in Exchange which is good, and I can change them to home (iCloud) if I want. 


But the ones I receive in *.ics files cannot be changed to the Exchange calendar and are being added to the iCloud "Home" one with no apparent way to stop this?


I cannot move a calandar event added to the Home calendar to the Exchange one when I accept the external *.ics file - but I can do the reverse?


Everything is syncing correctly between the server and wireless devices.


What do I have to do to set the Exhcnage calendar to accpet the incoming *.ics files or preferrably - be asked which calendar that I want to add the event to?


I have scoured this forum and Google for this?  Is this a Terminal fix?  If so - fire away.





MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.1)
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    Hi Jared@Halifax!


    It sounds like your issue could be resolved by following the steps listed in this article:


    iCal 5.x: Export and import calendars or reminder lists



    When you are importing events into the calendar, it seems like you just need to have the desired calendar highlighted when you drag in the *.ics file. You can also choose to import the calendar from the Menu bar, under File, as explained in these directions from the article:

    Import events into a calendar

    1. If you want to import your events into a calendar, first create the calendar if it doesn’t exist.Create a new calendar
    2. Choose File > Import > Import.
    3. Locate and select the calendar file that contains the events you want to import, and then click Import.
    4. Choose the calendar you want to add the events to.

    To import events, you can also drag an .ics file from your desktop to iCal. The events are added to the calendar that’s selected (highlighted) in the Calendars pop-up list.

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    Hey Braden,


    So yes - I can manually drag them to the calendar that I want them to go to.  Works.


    When I try to Import from the file menu - it does not give me a choice of calendar?  Just bang.  They land in iCloud.  In step 4 above after I locate the ics fils - there is no option to choose.  Not a big deal as It works to drag them.


    However when I receive an ICS file from and external web link - it lands in the iCloud calendar by default, and at the same time (thankfuly) it is downloaded to the downloads folder.  I can then manually drag it to the desired calendar. 


    It would be nice it I could have that default to my Exchange calendar?


    I am thinking that there must me a terminal fix for this? 


    Having to do it manually is a time comsumer - but it works.


    Any other ideas..?


    And thanks for the reply...BTW.

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    Hey again Jared@Halifax!


    You can absolutely change your default calendar in iCal. This can be done by following these instructions:

    To change your default calendar, choose iCal > Preferences, click General, and then select a calendar from the Default Calendar pop-up menu.

    In newer versions of the Calendar application, the Menu Bar item referenced will be labeled "Calendar," not "iCal." The full text of these instructions can be found in this article:


    iCal 5.x: Add events to a calendar



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    Hey me agian!


    I guess this is the baffling part.  My Calendar is set to the Exchange one as the default, that was the first thing I checked.


    For some reason or other the fact it is an exchange calendar must be causing this...?


    Have anything to do with the fact it's not 'local' and since iCloud is built in .... mmmm..?


    (Exchange is synincing with an external corp exchange server).






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    Hey Jared@Halifax!


    You'll also want to make sure your calendar is set up as a CalDAV calendar. If you Exchange calendar is just a subscribed calendar, then you won't be able to import into it. Information on this can be found here:


    iCal 5.x: Set up a calendar account in iCal



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