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Does anyone know where I can download Configurator v1.2.1?  Version 1.2.1 is the previous version of the app. 


I started using Configurator at v1.3. It is very buggy, and I have encountered the same difficulties described by many of the reviewers on the App Store. 


The previous version, v1.2.1, is reportedly more stable. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate a DMG for Configurator v1.2.1 either from Apple or anywhere else online.



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    varjak paw Level 10 Level 10 (169,765 points)

    Unless I've missed something somewhere, you can't. Configurator is only available through the Mac App Store and they always have only the most recent version. Unless you previously downloaded 1.2.1 and kept a backup copy somewhere, 1.3 will be the only version available to you. No one else can give you a copy since it will be tied their App Store accounts.



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    I've got 4 Mac Minis

    2 have been upgraded to Apple Configurator 1.3 the other 2 have 1.2 on.

    I'm not a mac person, only have these for enrolling ipads, where can do you find the program?

    ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/Application/Support/com .apple.configurator/Previous Data/ doesn't exist.


    How can I find the file?


    Once found, don't mind putting it on a ftp server for you to pickup

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    Hi gi5ghost --


    Thank you for the offer, that would be great!  Below are some tips to help you locate the application file.  I will await your reply (and hope that we don't run into the App Store ownership problem described by varjak paw above).


    Thanks again!



    === FINDING THE FILE ===


    The standard location for Configurator is in your Applications folder.  That is: [your hard drive name]/Applications.  Note that this is not in your User folder.


    If you have trouble finding the file, it can be located quickly and easily using either Spotlight or Dock.


    Locate via Spotlight


    1. Type "Apple Configurator" in the Spotlight search bar located in the top right corner of your screen
    2. Select "Show All in Finder"


    locate via spotlight.png



    Locate via Dock


    1. Launch Configurator as you normally do. This will cause the Configurator icon to appear in your dock.
    2. Right-click (or ctrl-click) on the Configurator dock icon
    3. Select "Options >" then "Show in Finder"


    locate via dock.png

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    Thank you, nsdjoey!  Your reply solved my question.  Unfortunately, Apple has taken down your post. (Apparently the forum moderators do not countenance end-users sharing Apple software, even if it is freeware.)  Fortunately, I was able to get the file, and I am having much more success with version 1.2.1 than with version 1.3. If you happen to see this message, please post something innocuous on this thread and I will click "solved my question" so you can earn your well-deserved points. Thanks again!

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    nsdjoey Level 3 Level 3 (710 points)

    Great to hear from you Adam. Good luck in your iPad deployment!

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    Adam and nsdjoey, I wish your post had have stayed as I have run out of options! 


    There are now many others that are having a terrible time with the latest Configurator! I wish I'd known not to update such an awful version - it's now wiped out any possibility of getting our many ipads into classrooms at all for while. 10 classrooms are going to have to ditch all programmed work for their upcoming units. It's also cost many many hours personally to try to fix this mess! We have no Tech's -  I'm just the teacher who's the most tech savvy whose in charge of ipads so this probem with configurator is SO frustrating. If anyone could write to say hello, and quietly point me to where I could get the previous version.....that would be fantastic!!


    For a company so intent on ensuring quality, they have failed massively with this latest Configurator that crashes instantly on opening EVERY TIME. Who did the testing and quality control?? It is in urgent need of a FIX. In the meantime, our whole program has come to a grinding halt.


    WHy on Earth can't they offer the previous version INSTANTLY so we can at least carry on while they get around to fixing this piece of rubbish? I see the new version is still on Apps store, even though they know by now it is rubbish.

    Not a happy chappy!

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    I wish I knew what you do about where to get the previous version! We are having a terrible time and no option to use Time MAchine. Stuck

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    bit. ly / 1byRP3t

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    [From Another thread]




    You'll have to delete ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator (probably back it up first) or else the downgraded app won't open, but unfortunately you'll probably lose your supervised devices.