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Of course, anyone who owns or uses a late-model Intel-driven Apple iMac computer knows that the USB ports (in fact, all of the computer's ports) are located in the backside of the machine. This isn't the most ergonomic arrangement, especially if you're in a situation where your desktop is in a confined space and it's not easy to get behind the machine every time you need to plug something in.


This got me to thinking: What if I were to use a USB extension cable with a female end so that instead of having to reach around the back of the machine to plug-in and unplug thumb drives, scanners, etc., you could have a virtual USB port on the front of the machine instead? Would this work? If so, how short can those female-end USB extension cables be found? If they are available in 12 to 16 inch lengths, that could be ideal.


Any thoughts on this?

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