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I cant find a flow betwen older version of iphone and iphone 5.this one is just one word,strange.Touchscreen is diffrent then on older version,more sensitive on touch when he is in my pocket, dials my contatcs by him self.Once i slide my apps and found so many other app somehow downloaded by it "self".i used a map alot and in somepoint,he pointed me in whole wrong direction even dot on map was like "sonar",that usualy point precision under 5 m.i pin pointed one place on my map and when u look at it it was north from my position and next few sec it was south and then north again.I'm surprised how many bugs i cross over it in small period of time.i hope this things will be fixed someday soon..because its looks like 2nd grade phone,with this newbie bugsd & mistakes..and one more thing,limit of loudess in music i also dislike.music is ideal when someone in not near you,when even the smalles noise is around you,quality of music is dramatically decreasing and u cant hear anything.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4