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I have an iPod touch 4th gen 32GB. In my iTunes I have changed the genres to the specific groups that I want them to be in. But I have encountered one problem: When I click on Indie Rock on my iPod, it shows the Light Rock category. When I choose Light Rock, it is also Light Rock. There is no way to go into my Indie Rock genre. It just isnt the bands showing up from one category to another, it is the header as well showing as the wrong genre.


Has anyone else encountered this and have a fix? I have done the newest 6.1.2 update and it happened before and after it.



iPod touch, iOS 6.1.2
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    Same problem for me.  I have 21 genres, and 3 of them go to the wrong list when I select.

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    This worked for me:


    1) Figure out what the broken genre is, and where it goes.  For example, I would touch "Rock" and get a list of "Pop".


    2) Remove from the device all songs from the targeted genre ("Pop" in my example), while keeping songs that belong to the broken genre ("Rock" in my example).  I sync everything, so for me this meant changing to "Selected playlists, ..." and then checking all the genres except the one I didn't want.  (Renaming the targeted genre will not work.  The songs need to be removed.  I found that there seemed to be one song that triggered the bad link.)


    3) Use the device to access the broken genre again ("Rock" in my example).  It will re-index (this took a few seconds for me) and then display the correct entries for the genre.


    4) Repeat steps 1-3 for any other broken genres.


    Certainly this is a bug, but these steps allowed me to work around it.