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I have been using my phone for a few months now without any issues. Aside from apple maps, i installed Tomtom for navigation and google maps. Almost 2 weeks ago, i suddenly had issues with Tomtom. i kept getting a 'Poor GPS Reception' message whenever i was using the turn by turn navigation. If i am not using the turn by turn navigation, the gps works well telling me my exact GPS location.


I tried apple and google maps and they have the same behaviour.  I tried resetting network settings and resetting location & privacy as well. All didn't work.


What I found out is if I turn off Cellular Data, the turn by turn navigation works.


Has anybody had these issues and got it fixed. I want my cellular data on to get traffic data with Tomtom aside from the fact Apple and Google maps are online data dependent.


I am short of resetting the phone but I need the contents of my phone for the next few weeks.



iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4