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First of all, I tried to post this to the iOS Apps community, but there doesn't seem to be one for the Clock app.


I wake up by the alarm feature on my iPod Touch, but sometimes the volume is turned down super low because throughout the day I have the volume in Settings>Sounds>Ringer and Alerts turned down while I teach. I did have the "Change with Buttons" turned on, but that seems to set the music volume the same, which I don't want (hearing a loud mail bing while listening to Bon Iver just isn't the mood I'm going for).


I think the simplest solution, and probably most obvious since many of us use our Clock's Alarm feature, is to have it's own volume somewhere like Settings>Notifications>Clock. Something like that. But I can't find it. And if there were options to turn off the sounds in Settings>Notifications>Mail - or any of the preloaded iOS software - that would work, too. But there's not from what I can see.


Has anyone found a workaround for this? How can I keep my Alarm volume without disturbing class all day with Mail and other notifications' sounds? I'd hate to find out that the "Most advanced iOS" still relies on me turning down the volume after I wake up and trying to remember it when I go back to sleep - both times when I'm too sleepy to think.

iPod touch, iOS 5, 4th Generation, 8GB
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    I wish it had a separate volume setting within alarm too, but it doesn't!


    My solution was to set volume function in the same way as my old iPod.

    So I went Settings> Sound> Turn on Change with Buttons.

    This way the sound volume behaves just like old iPods.


    Before I go to bed, I turn up volume, so I can wake up to the alarm.

    Just like you, I turn the volume all the way down during day,  so t is hussle to to turn volume up it every night but oh well.

    For next generation iPod/iPhone, Apple should consider to have separate volume setting for the alarm as some cell phones do.

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    The way I do it is go to the clock app then alarm choose your song/tone and when it's playing turn up the volume and that will set it

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    This works on an iPod Touch, OS 6.1.6.


    Basically you need to

    - turn off "change with buttons" in Settings->Sounds->Ringer and alerts

    - turn on "do not disturb" in Settings.


    This way

    - the lateral buttons will only affect the music sound;

    - all notifications, lock, and unlock will be silent

    - but the alarm overruns this, and can still be heard (at the same volume as the music was last left to, I presume).


    So you can listen to Bon Iver withouth emails swooshing in and out, and you don't need to remember changing the volume before going to sleep and after waking up I have to say: pretty cumbersome to figure out, Apple!