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I was tired of fighting with Imessage to send my messages after trying all suggestions on this site so i decided to go th the apple store and get them to check out my ipad , before going i decided I had better back everything up in case they reset to factory .


I was backing to my computer but decided to back up to icloud over wifi. Everything but mail since and notes I have a pop account and did not want an apple mail address.

When i backed up and then did a sync my message went swoosh and was delivered . The previous thread that had disappeared was now on my ipad and iphone no problem . worked great all day


Last night i tried an experiment . I shut down my ipad . This morning i turned it on and tried to send an imessage . It just hung .  I did another sync via wifi and swoosh the message went when I tried to send again . I was also on my iphone


Does anyone have any ideas why ???????


I never did take the ipad to the apple store thought I would wait awhile as the issue must be with syncing

iPhone 4, Other OS, ios6