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Hello everyone, I would really appreciate some help!

I have a MacBook Pro and I've been trying to download Window 7 on it. Basically, I finally got a bootable flashdrive with Windows 7 on it. I have two actually. One made by Bootcamp, (Someone on youtube showed that altering info.plist on Bootcamp makes Bootcamp format ISO on USB) and one made by a Microsoft program from a different computer WITH windows 7 on it. Now, after formatting however, and after the disk partitions itself, the computer restarts and it says No Bootable Drive Found, Insert Bootable Drive and press any key, or something like that. I RESTARTED WHILE PRESSING ALT-OPTION and the only two things coming up are the Mac OS X , and the recovery. Now, the person with the video has the same model computer as mine and it worked for him, SO PLEASE Don't comment by saying it's impossible. Does someone know the problem? I'm sure the USB is bootable.

Windows 7