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    hsbctime Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @ungrecco :

    I cant' find out how to save the layout as well.

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    VSSSSSSY Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After you logged on, tap the 3rd icon (like a wheel) from left top on the screen and then tap 'local'. Under the Display, check mark at ""Remember display mode" then choose "Default display mode " from the pull down menu. Then tap "Save" on the top. Tap "Return". Tap "Close". Restart the App by clicking the icon like "a walking out person" at the top right corner. Then log in again.

    My problem-- I'm still struggling with how to set the screen. The screen is still black after set two locations (two sets of ip address and port) on the “Saved Serverlist". I deleted the default unrecognized ip address originally staying on the top of the Saved Serverlist. Was it wrong?

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    VSSSSSSY Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Continue to my previous post.....

    I finally found how to set up the screen. Here is how to:

    1. Read the instruction written by “ungrecco”.
    2. Make sure your server setting is working fine by tapping the network icon (like 3 boxes connected together, you can find it by sliding bottom menu icons belt on the main (black) screen. When you see the 4 arches of wireless network icon on right of the server name, your iPhone is connected to the server successfully. If you see just empty pie shape there, the connection is unsuccessful, then go back to the step 1.
    3. Go back to the main (black) screen (by tapping the top right icon like a checkmark on a paper.)
    4. Choose the # of camera view by tapping the screen divider icon on the bottom of the main (black) screen. (In my case, I have 5 cameras in one location (server) and 8 cameras in another location. So I chose 13 cameras view. (At this point, I do not know how to switch two locations on the separate view. So, I put both locations all in one screen.) Then save the view. (please refer my previous post for how to save the view.)
    5. (Next two steps are a little tricky. I had failed several times before made it successful.) Tap the one of the black boxes on the main screen, then it leads to “Saved Serverlist”.
    6. Tap the arrow at the left of the server name to change it to point down. Tap the Channel # you want to place in the box. Then screen goes back to the main screen with the camera view in the box. Tap the next black box and repeat this step. (step 4.)
    7. When you fill all black boxes with the Channels, then logout by tapping a person icon on the top right corner. Then log in again. You can see your screen setting there.


    I hope many people will feel happy after completing above process. I spent two hours (1am-3am EST on Sunday) to find this how to.

    Good luck, everybody!!

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    Dear,after trying several time on saved server list I'm getting the same black screen,as I tap to left side arrow mark  of saved server list it is showing downward but no channel option is coming,how can I select channel,pls suggest.

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    This worked exactly as laid out here sir. Thank you. So as long as I am on my wifi, I can get pics. How do I set this up for 3G?

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