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I am creating a photo book, and I was using split view to place my photos into the photo book.  Originally, the photos I was placing into the book were on the bottom so I could scroll across and place pictures in photo book where I wanted them (photo book was above). 


Then something changed with the split view, now the photos are on the left hand side and I scroll down to place photos into the photo book on right side of screen.


This view is extremely fustrating and I can not figure out how to get split view back to the original format. The other issue is that with this "newly" formated split view I can not use the pictures more than once, with the "old" split view I could use a individual photo more than once to use for background etc...


If someone knows how to change the split view format please, help.  I do not understand how this changed and I can not get it back.




Happy Aperture User!

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    All the controls are on the "View" menu. In the group that has "Main Viewer" etc. click on "Browser". That will give you a sub-menu with the options that I think you need to straighten things out. It probably got changed with an inadvertent keystroke.

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    Yes, it was an inadvertent key stroke, but my frustration level reached a point where I could not think clearly, so thank you! I knew it was something simple as that, just could not find the right option to switch the view.


    Additionally, the last thing I am missing is the "used and unused" view of the pictures in the fimstrip view at the bottom.  Before, when I used a picture it showed me how many times I used it (in red), now when i use a picture it disappears from the film strip view.


    Thanks for all your help!

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    "Filmstrip" is one of the Browser views.  Have checked that you don't have a filter set?

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    i just figured it out...  there is a small little box with options "show all images" or "show unplaced image"


    to many little boxes to click in aperature sometimes with no explanation on where things are...



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    Aperture is large, complex, and powerful.  Before using it to store or manipulate any valuable data files, you should read and understand at least the first seven chapters of the User Manual.  The UI and the general workflow are laid out pretty well.  Spend some time with it, and ask here for clarification of things that don't make sense to you.



    The chapter on using the Book Album to create Books is here.


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