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We have recently moved. We brought our Apple TV, but purchased a new TV (LED we used to have a plasma). Additionally we have switched Internet companies. Therefore, we are not sure which change is causing the problem. Audio is not off when watching cable, but off for all Apple TV options (iTunes, Netflix, YouTube). I am hoping there may be a few thrombus shooting possibilities for the Apple TV before we deal with trying to exchange the TV.


Any ideas?



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    Hi Leeperl,


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    The following article will provide some troubleshooting steps for this issue:


    Apple TV (2nd generation): Static or no sound from your TV when playing Apple TV content



    Apple TV: Basic troubleshooting



    If you can see video but can't hear sound

    1. If Apple TV is connected to a receiver, make sure the receiver is turned on.
    2. Make sure the input setting you've selected on your receiver matches the input you have your audio cables connected to. See the documentation that came with your receiver for more information.
    3. Make sure the volume on your TV or receiver is turned up and isn't muted.
    4. Check whether you can hear sound while playing video only. Also, check whether you can hear audio feedback while clicking through menu options.
    5. If you're connected to the HDMI port on your TV and Apple TV, make sure your TV supports audio through its HDMI port. The HDMI ports on some older TVs support only video.
    6. If you are using HDMI audio, try disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI cable.
    7. If you're connected to the HDMI port on your TV and Apple TV, make sure your TV is setup to receive audio from HDMI. For some TV's this is automatic, but for others there is a choice between digital and analog (for HDMI audio, choose digital). Read more about HDMI audio.
    8. Try the other audio outputs on Apple TV to see if they work.
    9. If possible, try using different audio cables.


    I hope this information helps ....

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    - Judy