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Hi folks....


I have a PowerMac 2.0 DP (PCI-X)G5  M9032LL/A - PowerMac7,2 - A1047 - 1969. It has four PCI-X slots in it.  Only one of the PCI-X slots run at 133Mhz, and that is the one I need (for speed) for a Blackmagic PCI-X card.  The rest of the PCI-X slots run at 100HMhz. 


So, here is the deal....  PCI-X slot number 4 is the one that runs at 133Mhz.  When I try to plug my card into it, the card bumps into a plug setting right next to this slot, and the card will not seat.  While I have a owners manual, I have no service manual so I can not figure out what this plug feeds.  If I unplug the plug, the card seats perfect.


So, can anyone point me to, or email me, a pdf of a service manual so I can figure out what this plug feeds?  Maybe it is something like to a dial up modem or something else I can do with out.  Or, maybe someone already knows what this plug feeds?


I suspect I cannot post URLS here (is this true or not?).  But if one were to go to flicker and then slash photos, and typed in the following numbers and change the "at" between the numbers below, to the symbol above the number 2 on your keyboard, you will find a high resolution photo with a finger pointing to the mystery plug.


/12709976  at N07/9283409533/


In case it is possible to post a URls here, you can find the photo on flicker here:




This photo is a close up photo of slot #4 and a finger pointing to the mystery plug that is in the way.


I just found out I can attach a photo to this email, so I have.  It is in high resolution on Flicker.  But maybe you can see well enough with this small photo.


Any help appreciated.  And I sure would like a service manual if I could find one.  I can post my home email address if need be.


Thanks you

AuriconPCX slot blocked.JPG

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