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Has anyone found an answer yet on how to print eBay shipping labels using an iPad?  I'm still totally stumped. 

iPad 2
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    I assume you have the eBay App.  Contact the App's author to see if they know of a way.



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    After months of no answers I bought an iPad and started trying to print postage from it from eBay. I had to use browser instead of eBay app, I had to get an app for my printer, I had to click PRINT POSTAGE on item sold and then touch image of the postage on screen and SAVE IMAGE to photos. I then rotated it since I use labels and then open printer app and select 5x7 and the photo of postage image and CLICK PRINT or send to printer.


    This worked for me using new iPad 2 I bought so am sure it will work on my iPhone


    Note: I had to use iPhone app on iPad since I like that version better for my printer.


    If no app exists for your printer I am at a loss to help, I will be buying an air printer instead of my wifi one soon.


    If this helps in anyway or makes someone explore a method that works I will be glad and please share your methods so we all do not boot up gaming rigs just to send packages lol. Hope it helps

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    It sounds like you have things figured out.


    One thing you may find, is that some AirPrint printers only produce a borderless postcard-size print when printing from the Photos App.  If that is the case, just continue using your current printing App.