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This morning when I opened my iTunes, something was up.  In my library, in the movies section I had some doubles. One being the movie that had already been downloaded and the same movie showing the cloud in the corner like I needed to download it.  When I checked my TV section, it was a mess.  I make sure all my shows are downloaded as they come in though the autodownload has not been working for me months though it is check in preferences- but I digress.  The TV library show that most of my shows are in the cloud (cloud in the corner) and had stopped grouping some of the shows- one example, I have Smallville season 1,  Smallville season season 2-5, Smallville season 3 ( 1 have 10 different Smallvilles)- all with the cloud in the corner and I know every single episode has been downloaded and even checked my media folder and yep - they are still there.  The other weird thing is some of the art work "Album" covers are wrong.  One example, My 30 rock is showing the picture of Smallville.  Last night, everything was normal in iTunes land on my Mac Mini. I am really not sure what is going on or how to fix it.  ANy ideas?  I am weary to just to an Organize Library because I can not afford the space if iTUnes decides to put multiple copies in my media folder, which has happened in the past. I have a lot of digital media.  Ideas, suggestion?  Is something up with iTunes today?  I know Mercury is Retrograde  but has been for a while.


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Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)