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Hey! I recently had my MBP stolen (big bummer, I know!)


I am debating on what to buy as a replacement. I work primarily with Film and Photography and will be entering my last year of university and tend to travel a lot.

I am wondering if I should purchase a new MBP or a MacMini?


Just a few questions about the Mac Mini (as I don't know much about it!),


Is it a complete pain in the *** to travel with? I read it would be best to buy a wireless keyboard and trackpad. I already have a monitor, but will a Mac Mini work if attached to a Windows PC? Also, in terms of moving it between monitors, is there a lot of wires etc. that I would need to hook up each time? Also, I read the Mac Mini doesn't sleep, what are the pro's and con's of this?


Price is a big factor for me, considering the MBP is quite pricey. But with a Mac Mini, keyboard and trackpad, would there be much of a price difference?


Any help is much appreciated!

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    If traveling alot, then get the MBP or MBA.  They are designed for more rugged, portable, use than a mini.  If by traveling alot you mean you go to school, go home on vacations, then back to school, I guess you could use a mini. Personally, traveling with a mini, keyboard and mouse would be slighlty annoying, but it certainly can work. If I were going to opt for that solution, I might go for an SSD instead of a traditional hard drive, to minimize exposure to jostling around, which of course raises the price more. 


    Monitors have one wire that plugs into the mini, however, if the monitor requires a DVI or VGA port, you'll need to buy a separate adapter from Apple.


    On price, make sure you're looking at the Apple educational discounts you are eligible for.