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Have a problem of sharing my iCal, it says:


The server responded with


to operation CalDAVUpdateShareesQueuableOperation


Wanted to share my iCal with someone who doesn't have iCal/ Apple ID, and have tried to 'enable this account' and sent the invitation on the web based iCal, neither of them works.


Can anyone help??


Thanks a lot!!!!

MacBook Air
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    I'm having the same problem:


    Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 9.42.05 AM.png


    I tried setting up sharing through icloud.com as well; same results; only the message said there was a server error.

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    I resolved my problem by signing out of iCloud (via system preferences) completely. Then signed back in, and re-activated calendar. Then used the sharing procedure( open calendar, click on caalendars in upper left, click on the broadcast icon next to the calendar I wanted to share, filled in the email of the person I wanted to share with, selected "view only", clicked done). No error message! The sharee(?) received an invitation to join my calendar, shed accepted it, and there it was!