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I was using Logic Pro 9 and just upgraded to Logic Pro X. I am a little confused by some of the channel strip options and settings.


When I look at the "Library" on the left, there are several choices.


User Channel Strip Settings


Drum Kit

Drum Machine







When I click at the top of a channel strip, I do not get all these options. My saved channel strip choices show up in the list and then I only have "Legacy" which mirrors the "Legacy" contents in the Library Window. I do NOT get any of the other choices listed in the Library window.


Is this expected behavior or is something wrong?



On a similar note, are the new items in the Library the same as their "Legacy" counterparts? For example, it the "new" Bosendorfer piano going to be the same software instrument as the "Legacy" Bosendorfer? Or are these updated versions?

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 20GB Ram