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I had iPhone 4 with EMobile Ireland. After my contract expired I contacted them and they unlocked my phone. I need to put new SIM card in iPhone, activate through iTunes and it will work. That is completely OK. This is what confuses me (copied from email I received from operator):


During this process, your iPhone will detect the SIM of a new network operator and iTunes will deploy the necessary 'Carrier Bundle' to the phone. This contains the correct settings for the new network operator, which also includes the operators' 'Network Lock'.

This means that your iPhone will then become locked to the new network.

Once the syncing is complete your phone is now ready for use with another network operator.

If you need to unlock your iPhone again you will need to contact the network operator the phone is now locked to. You can find this information by going to settings > General > About and beside 'Carrier' the network operator will be displayed.


I phoned them to ask why my iPhone is not completely unlocked and received answer it is because Apple made it that way. I have another iPhone bought in Apple store that just works, no unlocking or anything, you put any SIM inside an you are OK.


I want my iPhone to be completely unlocked, since I want to use it as spare phone when I travel. I do not want to deal with local operators after every holiday.


How I can completely unlock my phone so I can use it with any SIM ?