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My iPhone has trouble connecting to most wi-fi. My friends' phones will be connected just fine and mine says "unable to connect" almost anywhere I go.


And now, internet sharing (wi-fi to wi-fi?) isn't available now that I have ML. On Snow Leopard, when you opened internet sharing, you didn't have to specify what type of thing you're sharing it to but it would show up on my phone as another wi-fi option.


But with ML, I select sharing from Wi-Fi and you can't select to share it TO a wi-fi. In theory, if there is wi-fi available for one item, it should be available to the other and therefore not need to be shared, but our wi-fi doesn't work with my phone.


I am plundering through my puny data plan in only a week each month. Besides upgrading to a higher plan, what should I do?

iPhone 5, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Hello EmCEllis,


    I would be concernned too if I couldn't connect to Wi-Fi networks with my iPhone, especially in locations where others can.  I recommend reviewing the article below and specifically the steps from the following section:


    Unable to connect to a Wi-Fi network

    • Verify that you are attempting to connect your desired Wi-Fi network.
    • Make sure you are entering your Wi-Fi password correctly.
      • Passwords may be case sensitive and may contain numbers or special characters.
    • Reset network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
      • Note: This will reset all network settings including: previously connected Wi-Fi networks and passwords, recently used Bluetooth accessories, VPN and APN settings.


    You can find the full article here:

    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections



    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.



    Sheila M.