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Hello guys, thank you for reading my question. I have a really irritating problem. Less than a year ago, a relative of mines dragged: terminal, disk utility, system preferences and every vital part of Mac in the trash and i emptied it without knowing. Now, I found my OSX disk that came with the Mac and i wanted a fresh start. I didn't back anything up ( I'm not sure if you had to). And I just tried to restore the hard drive. And when the Mac OS X disk was installing it keeps saying "install failed". I went to disk utility and tried to repair and verify the hard drive and it says that its ok? But when it says the install failed, it says the disk is damaged? I also tried resetting the pram and nvram. No luck. And I also zeroed out both the hard drive and the free space. I am getting desperate any tips or things to point me to the right direction would help, thanks guys. I will give you more info if needed