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Hello! I was wondering if we could reproduce a display issue that I have, and discovered it today...

The problem: horizontal green - blue thin line on the upper 1/3 of my 23 inch  (ACD) Apple Cinema Display (DVI) and black flashing screen.

When: I was searching some sounds at soundcloud when I saw the problem at this particular page. (screenshot)

I took a screenshot but nothing "weird" can be seen... However opening the screenshot (in Preview) at full size I can reproduce the problem every time.

The ACD is connected to my mac mini through DVI to mini display port adapter into the Thunderbolt port.

  • If I change to  HDMI port (using the included adapter) the problem disappears !
  • If I connect a DELL 24" display with mdport to DVI adapter to the thunderbolt port the problem disappears !
  • if I connect the ACD with the same mdport to DVI adapter to my macbook pro the problem also disappears !

Mac mini is 100% up to date (10.8.4) and the has the latest Thunderbolt Firmware Update installed.


Any ideas?

(sorry for my poor English)



Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.11.11 π.μ..png

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), Late 2012 2.6 GHz i7
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