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I'm not really sure where to post this, but a Mac Mini is in the middle of it, so here goes.....

My setup Wireless:

MacBook Air 2012 running 10.8.4, MacBook Pro 2010 running 10.6.8

Upstairs room for phone socket

had a TP Link Router supposedly 300MB/s model Router On the MBA it only showed as 150MB/s link.

Have now changed to Sky router, disabled WiFi on the Sky router, and have an Airport Express running from it, via a Devolo 85Mbps Powerline.

My office

Mac Mini 2.3GHz i5 8GB Ram as main work machine running 10.7.5 wired into the switch below:

I have a Synology DS212J wired into an unmanaged Gigabit switch Switch, as well as

LG NAS also plugged into the switch

IP camera also plugged in.

one of the Powerlines via the


I know very little about networks, its a bit of a mystery.

Copying from MBA to Mac Mini is unbelievably bad it shows 3 hours for a 1GB file. Mini to MBA is better, but not much, maybe an hour for the same file. Copying to or from the DS212J can be slow as well.

If I'm copying a file to or from the DS212J and playing a video from it at the same time, the Video will stop. Thats playing the file directly using VLC, not streaming using Plex or anything else.

I've tried using Wireshark, but I might as well be looking up a cow's ***.....


MBA to Mini plugged into office switch 500Mb file 45 seconds latency .40ms Network speed 92.67Mbps

Mini to MBA plugged into office switch 500Mb file 46 seconds latency .87ms Network speed 89.31Mbps

MBA (Wifi) to Mini plugged into office switch 500Mb file takes forever latency 14.07ms Network speed 4.21Mbps

Mini to MBA (Wifi) Mini plugged into office switch 500Mb file takes forever latency 129ms Network speed 3,5 Mbps

Having jigged around the ethernet cables different combinations, there were speeds of 500/600/700mbps between machines wired via the switch.

2.16GB file Mini to DS212J NAS both wired 4min 4sec. Wireless - over an hour......

2.16GB file Mini to LG NAS both wired 2min 10sec.

Running Speedy net at the moment, I put the two MacBooks, Pro and Air running Speedy Net sending files to each other and they were tranferring on WiFi on 40ishMbps, which seems reasonable. They transfer files at this speed, but once I try to send to the mac Mini on the wired network its down to 2mbps.

I tried to send the same 1.6Gb file from Air to Pro and vice-versa and it takes 3/4 minutes.

I try to send the same file to the Mac Mini or the NAS and it is showing over an hour.......


Both switches show green lights on all connections, so no 10/100MBs devices.

I have turned everything to IPv6 to off or local link and that seems to have improved the wifi copying, but there is a serious block when trying to send anything from the Macbooks into the wired network.


What am I missing?


Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.5)