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I just bought a brand new 3rd gen ATV yesterday after owning a 1st gen since they came out. I love my first gen and was surprised to learn the hard drive was no longer there but hey ho... needed a second one in the house.


It all works brilliantly, as I would expect from apple, except I cannot understand photo's and itunes. I can turn on photo stream, which I don't want. What I would like as my screen saver are pics from iphotos that I have in albums. I sync these to1st gen via itunes, but cannot even see my 3rd gen on itunes on my iMAC. I can of course still see my 1st Gen.


So 2 questions.... should I see my 3rd gen on itunes? And how do I choose what pics to use as a screensaver?


Many thanks folks!

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    Hello ljferrara,


    You select where to get your photos from in the Settings of the Apple TV.

    Check out this article named Apple TV (2nd generation): How to use your photos with your Apple TV screensaver found here http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4362


    To use your photos with Apple TV (2nd generation) Screen Saver, first make sure your Home Sharing account is enabled with the same Apple ID on both your Apple TV and your computer (see this article for additional information). Then follow these steps:

    1. Open iTunes 10.0.1 or later.
    2. In iTunes, from the Advanced menu choose Choose Photos to Share....
    3. Enable the option to Share Photos, and then select the  iPhoto, Aperture, or a folder you would like the Apple TV (2nd generation) screensaver to use images from.
    4. On your Apple TV (2nd generation) , go to Settings > Screen Saver > Photos.
    5. Select your computer.
    6. Select the folder or Event that you want the Apple TV Screen Saver to use photos from.
    7. To confirm: On your Apple TV, go back to the previous screen by pressing the menu button on your Apple remote, then select the Preview option to see which photos are being used.

    Additional Information

    If you are sharing your personal photos from iPhoto, Apple TV (2nd generation) may take some time before recognizing any changes made to your photos within iPhoto. To accelerate getting modified photos or Events to your Apple TV, quit iPhoto after completing your changes and then open it again. If you've created new Events in iPhoto, make sure that they are selected in iTunes in the "Photo Sharing Preference" window.




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    Hi Sterling,


    Thanks for this info - never seen this before as I synced the old way. This works well. I admit I'm still confused that my new apple tv doesn't appear in my itunes under devices though. My old one still does, but thought this extra one would as well. But thanks for this fix!

    many thanks


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    ljferrara wrote:


    Hi Sterling,


    I admit I'm still confused that my new apple tv doesn't appear in my itunes under devices though. My old one still does, but thought this extra one would as well.

    Just to confuse us, AppleTV 2 and 3 don't list as Devices in iTunes.


    The only time you'll see one there is if it's connected via USB to microUSB to reinstall firmware.