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I have a MacBook Air and I need to free up space...


1) I have three series of a tv show on my itunes which are taking up loads of memory - see image - I want to move these movie files onto a Flash Drive. However I do not want to move my itunes Music onto the flash drive, only my Movies, and want to keep my music on my hard drive.

Is this possible?


2) I have managed to copy the movie files onto the flash drive, however when I tried to play one to check that they were loaded properly it didn't have a program that could run the file (they have copied over in a m4V format). Do the MacBook Air's not have a separate program other than itunes that can play movies? If so, is there a program I can get to solve this problem? I went onto the App Store to see if there was something I could download, but all the apps were for creating DVD's, not simply playing them.



3) If 1. & 2. questions are solvable, will it then be safe to delete the movies from my itunes?


Thank you so much for any answers posted.






Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 13.19.58.png

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)