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I have made several audio recordings through Garageband, all with the same settings. Two of my three files work fine, however the third one shows data there however no audio to be heard...? Any help would be great, thanks.


I have also searched the forum and tried most of the suggestions here all to no avail...


MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    All I can give you is food for thought . You're saying all your settings are the same for each track . My first thought is ... heck that should work . But you're asking why not. I've never had that problem so I'll give you an idea of I do ... right or wrong .


    On my first vocal I'll record a track using "Basic Male " in my case . Let's say it's a verse . If I screw up I don't try to punch in . I'll make another track because I can edit things later which is easier for my mind. I don't start with a totally brand new track so to speak and try to match the settings . I dupilcate my first track . I figure I already got the setting where I like them. Then I record the next part .  The same thing goes for the verse or any other vocal part I add. All vocal tracks are dupilcates of my first .


    Then after all the parts are recorded I go back and try other vocal settings like "Male Dance " or "Male Rock" or what ever ... to mix things up .


    Hope you work this out ... Peace