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I moved my iTunes library to a NAS drive. All appeared OK.

Next time i starte iTunes I noticed that not all tracks had sync'ed to my ipod. Upon investigation I swa that the iTunes library in Preferences was pointing to my local hard drive again.

So, I changed the settings, asked iTunes to reorganise my library, which it appeaed to do,

Now, the location of most tracks (some 10,000 of 12,000 in the library) still point to my local drive, even though the Preferences point to the NAS and iTunes is supposedly organising the library. All these tracks are actuallly on the NAS (from the initial move) so if I try to consolidate, I get second copy on the NAS.


Is there a way I can just repoint oll of these enties to the NAS?


Or do I have to start a new library?




iPod touch (3rd generation), Windows 8