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my apple tv cannot connect to wifi but IMac can.

Actually both my iPhone and iMac can see my home wifi (Apple airport) but neither my laptop nor my Apple TV can.

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    I'm having the same issue, but all devices except my Apple TV can..

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    My Apple TV will not connect to wifi APPLE Extreme Router.. It just stop working. it finished a movie playing, then I went to bed and when I got up and went to view WALL Street the APPLE TV said it was not connected. I have reset, restarted and rebooted every device and the APPLE TV still is not connecting via wifi. Very strange.


    No apparent update software action took place over night. Need to get APPLE Tech folks to answer this question. Is it the firmware update a couple of months ago issue again or is it the 5.3 software that is the issue.


    Also there is no signal strength showing in the NETWORK section of the APPLE TV..


    APPLE come and answer the questions please, ASAP




    Apple has issued a replacement program for APPLE TVs that are having this issue, call apple support and get your APPLE TV replaced. Known Issue with APPLE TVs


    Review Program information to see if your serial number is on the list