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Yesterday i downloaded a new itunes library to my new laptop.  I went to sync my ipod touch with it and it wouldnt work. None of my stuff would show up in the new itunes library.  So i saw a tab that said sync music but it also said it would delete all my music from my ipod but i just figured if i plugged my ipod back into the laptop i would sync up with the library and all my music would be back on.  That didnt happen.  Not only is all my music still not on the new itunes it is no longer on my ipod.  I tried syncing it back up with the itunes library i had been using on a desktop computer and it wont sync with that library either.  I really need help because i managed to get all my purchases back on my ipod but all the cds i had downloaded wont go back on my ipod and my laptop doesnt have a place to put cds so i can get them in my itunes.  Help me please!!!

iPod touch, iOS 6.1.3