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I have an Iphone 4 for Verizon that I have had for over 6 months now. Just recently, my phone is begininng to lose service and just after a certain amount of time, usually a matter of minutes, the message stating "iPhone cannot make or recieve calls. Restore from iTunes"  will pop up.


Leaving me with no cell service, wifi or 3g capabilities. And sometimes, more often than not, not allowing me to restore using iTunes. It has happened to me over 5 or 6 times now.


The first time it happened I  brought it into Apple and they themselves couldnt restore it at first. After 3 restores they finally got it back to factory settings. Handed it back and said "Have a good day" with no explination.


Now it is happening more often!!!!!!


My phone also is NOT jailbroken and is NEW from the Apple Store.


Anyone have any ideas? troubleshooting advice? ANYTHING!?!?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3