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aout 2 weeks ago i bought a mac mini, to replace my old Windows (running  Windows XP) computer, afterward i passed all my documents with a bit of trouble, but i eventually finished passing them all (via ethernet cable). then it was time to pass Itunes songs and playlists. First i tried using the migration assistant, but i realized my old computer had new connectivity problems, wich ment i couldn´t download migration assistant on my old computer. then i tried passing the songs via ethernet, what i did was: first i located the itunes media folder, and then send it via ethernet cable. but it only passed 10901 songs of my 11675 songs, and my playlists weren´t syncd. anyways, then i tried passing my songs via my ipod (as an external hard drive), eventually it hapend the same. and after that i bought a samsung external hard drive (250GB) and tried the same, i located the itunes media folder, copied it and then pasted it on my external hard drive, then i opened my external hard drive on my mac mini and passed the itunes folder on to itunes but.... eventually it happend the same. remember i can´t use home sharing or itunes match, because for reasons i don´t know my old computer, as i menssioned before, can´t connect to the internet .what can i try? what can i do? PLEASE HELP i need to pass all my songs before the day after tomorrow, please.


Sincerely, Miguel La Corte

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1