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I've just updated Aperture to version 3.4.5 and now have problems using the NAME function.


When I try to manually "add a face" on potrait photos the new box that appears isn't properly controlled by the trackpad.


In fact it moves in completely the opposite direction to the one you try to move it in.  It's really very random.


It doesn't do it on any other programme.


It didn't do it on Aperture prior to the update.


It only does it on photos in a potrait position - in landscape mode it's fine.

Anyone else have this issue?  Any ideas on how to resolve?

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    I tried, but I cannot reproduce the problem in Aperture 3.4.5 in Mt. Lion 10.8.4.


    Are you also using the built-in trackpad in a MacBook Pro or an external trackpad? Is the same happening, when you connect a mouse?


    For me it works well for portrait photos. Have your portrait photos been rotated after importing them? Are the photos cropped?


    Does he same happen, if you switch to a different iPhoto library or if you work from a different user account?

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    Using an external trackpad - but it does the same with a mouse.


    None of the pictures have been cropped or rotated.


    Only one account on the machine and only one library.


    It's a new thing - it didn't do it til the upgrade and it's only this specific issue in one programme.

    Apple: I think it's a software bug.

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    Apple: I think it's a software bug.


    It is working well with the same MacOS X version and same Aperture version for me, on three different computers.  So we cannot be sure about a software bug, unless you exclude other possible sources for this buggy behaviour on your computer.



    Only one account on the machine and only one library.


    Your Aperture library may have a corruption and need repairing, or you may have a corrupted Aperture preferences file. 

    To test, if your Aperture library needs repairing, create a second library for testing. In Aperture, use the command "File > Switch to Library > Other/New", import a portrait photo, and test. If it works well in the test library, repair your current Aperture library.


    If a new Aperture library does not fix it, enable the Guest account in "User&Groups" in the System Preferences.  Launch Aperture from that account and test.  If it works in that new account, you will know, that your main account has a problem. Then you need to find out, what preferences and setings in your account are causing this. Frequently it will help to trash the Aperture preferences file. Then post back, perhaps it is a system wide problem on your machine.