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Updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 6 and lost contacts and notes

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  • bruce0712 Calculating status...

    apparently so it is. Working now on a change over to a Samsung, my roomie has one and it rocks.

  • juliedan3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with the previous comment, the entire Apple organization insulates itself from any trouble, complaints, or criticism. Not the first major issue we've had with our iPhones either.


    My wife and I BOTH lost our Notes on our iPhones 4S (which were synchronised), after an "upgrade" to iOS 6.1, an "upgrade" which was prompted by Apple (via WiFi, not iTunes), and WITHOUT any reminders to do an iTunes backup on our computer first (we don't use iCloud). Shame on us for not doing the backup, but shame on Apple for not even reminding us to do so before the upgrade.


    If Apple won't listen, and won't produce better answers or quality, let's all tell the sales people from Samsung and Blackberry about this problem (god knows Blackberry needs all the help they can get right now), and let them spin this against Apple to people who are considering to buy an iPhone.

    Hey, if it hurts Apple in the pocketbook, maybe then they'll pay attention to quality. No wonder their stock price has been taking a dive !


    Steve, the people you left behind REALLY don't get it !

  • jharp3 Calculating status...

    Same loss of Notes. So stupid of me to have trusted Apple and icloud.

    Might be worth trying this recovery software if you run soon after the stuff is lost (though I did it within 2 days and didn't get my notes back): ms-after-ios-6-upgrade.html

  • Helenfromzmb Calculating status...

    Hey guys! 12 yr old Don't worry! I'm good. I am from the Philippines and my mom lens me her iPhone while she was in Hong Kong and I promised her that I can update her iPhone without anything getting lost. So after 9 days I didn't get to update it but the time she came back I was happy that my update went smoothly (and yes, I did back it up through iTunes) after the backup thingy majigs there comes a point when iTunes asked for a backup password which I did not know that existed. I got confused and tried a bunch of passwords and did not work. Then my laptop shutted down. I was happy that even though my laptop shuttes down my iPhone was updated but when I open it up. BOOM! Nothing was there, all our pictures (from 2 years ago up to this day) got deleted. My moms notes and her contacts. I had to restore backup right? Right. I wanted to restore it but a blank back up was there, I saw an old one ( the one I backed up before the update) I pressed it and smiled with joy when this popped up "YOUR FRIGGIN BACK IP IS FRIGGIN CORRUPTED WHICH MAKES U A FAILURE" actually it didn't pop that up but the back up was corrupted. So after all the crying part I remembered that I backed up my iPhone a long time ago on another laptop. It didn't update the notes I wrote down yesterday but it did save my moms more important notes. And I just just hope iTunes did NOT delete that back up. Please pray for me. I'll wait for your updates tomorrow



    Signing off <3



    Dis is my moms apple I'd. Lol oh and if i don't get my stuff back can someone tell me how to restore the contacts notes and photos? Thanks !!!

  • Zeni-Marie Calculating status...

    i have just experienced the same problem, i've now lost more than a thousand pictures of my daughter growing up. why on earth doesnt Apple AUTOMATICALLY back up the phone every time it is plugged into iTunes, during the 'sync' process??! *** kind of company, as lucrative as this one, doesn't think to make this an automatic thing. There is no excuse for this Apple!! I have heard this is possible when using a MAC, but what about the rest of your customers Apple?! I am absolutely devastated, how lousy to release an update without serious warnings (& many of them), appearing before letting the user go ahead with the os6 (or ANY) update if it is going to f** people over & loose their precious data. People keep their entire LIVES on their phones these days.

    Users shouldn't have to rely on forums AFTER the damage is done, because you're all too busy with fancy marketing & lining your pockets, to install basic & logical features for non-tech-savvy users.


    I speak for at least 20+ people i know when i say NO MORE BUSINESS FOR YOU APPLE!!!! Going back to Samsung where i never had any of this BS.

  • CrAppleTechless Calculating status...

    Apple products are grossly over engineered.  I set up a new user on my laptop for my wife's phone and did a back up on iTunes.  I was then prompted to update to iOs6, which I did but the next day my wife told me that all her phone numbers were gone.

    I tried to do a restore only to find apple had deleted the backup created before the update!  Although the names were still in contacts, all the numbers have gone.  I'm now getting grief from her and have spent many hours trying to find them.  I avoided iCloud because it is even worse.  Why are we such slaves to this crap orgaanisation?

  • Nishche Calculating status...

    Also Disappointed@Apple!!! This same problem just happened to me.  Selected notes are just gone, even though they were at one point backed up in iCloud.  This clearly is an ISSUE so WHY??? is Apple not fixing this.  Is Apple getting TOO big for its own good.  Time to consider switching???

  • Desmond2u2 Calculating status...

    I didn't complete the backup to iCloud but it deleted my contacts and notes all the same. VERY DISAPPOINTED at Apple. Any suggestions?


    I share your frustrations. I had a similar situation.


    After loads of research, I found out that I couldn't get back my messages/contacts/notes/calendar entries etc, unless I had a backup (WHICH I DIDNT!!). I had to do it this way, to view lost contacts and view deleted notes, I had to refer to non-Apple solutions.


    All I cared about was getting my stuff back.


    I wish I didn't update my iOS at all. From then onwards, I always dred iOS updates lol

  • atlasatlas Calculating status...

    This just happened to me. Inspite of all the issues reported with  ios6 I was persuaded to finally do the upgrade on my i4. Zap! All contacts were deleted. I know Apple is a consumer products company with zero computing credibility, but it shocked me that an upgrade would just decided to delete MY DATA. THis is unique to Apple. Like their apps, they routinely produce the worst untested software on the planet and push it on the unsuspecting. I have worked in IT for 40 years - no OS upgrade from any make has ever destroyed customer data until now.

  • fromsouth Level 4 Level 4 (3,170 points)

    40 years in IT and you don't backup? Really? Sorry to hear that.

  • atlasatlas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You are obviously a stranger to the world of software development. Backups do not belong in this discussion - they relate to disaster scenarios. Since the 60's any conversion program written with any professionalism backs up customer data as its first order of business and highest priority. THis is more like 50's development.

  • fromsouth Level 4 Level 4 (3,170 points)

    True hurts but heals. Backup is not for disaster, Next time do it, everybody does. Your theorizing on software development in 50's irrelevant to IOS. Here are the instructions for backup in the future, You have been warned, btw by apple multiple times during update, if you just took few minutes to read warnings, when you clicked agree to. I do not represent Apple here, just intend to make sure you are safe next time.

    iOS: How to back up and restore your content - Support - Apple

  • kmfrombc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    When I did a restore from iCloud I too thought I had lost my notes.  I didn't.  Although I didn't know it, some of my notes were being managed through my Gmail account. As soon as I sorted that out I had everything back. I love my iphone and I'm very happy with iCloud.

  • Fullagas Calculating status...

    "True hurts but heals. Backup is not for disaster, Next time do it, everybody does."


    I had backed up on iCloud. Followed all the directions, still lost all my data, music, pics and notes. . What is your solution in this case?

    Based on the number of complaints, this software *****!!!

    I've upgraded operating systems since 1988. This is the ONLY one that has deleted all data, even data unrelated to the OS, and the data stored on my PC.


    I'll stand by for your perfect solution - NOT.

  • fromsouth Level 4 Level 4 (3,170 points)

    Fullagas wrote:


    "True hurts but heals. Backup is not for disaster, Next time do it, everybody does."


    I had backed up on iCloud. Followed all the directions, still lost all my data, music, pics and notes. . What is your solution in this case?

    Based on the number of complaints, this software *****!!!

    I've upgraded operating systems since 1988. This is the ONLY one that has deleted all data, even data unrelated to the OS, and the data stored on my PC.


    I'll stand by for your perfect solution - NOT.

    To everybody who wants to learn from their mistakes.

    1> Music is not included in icloud backup. Information about music purchased from Apple is included and as long as it belongs to you it will download during restore.

    2 Notes are only included if the are the notes that are not synced by Mail servers. Most of us do not realize that their notes are synced by Yahoo or Google (examples) that is where they backed up.

    3. Pics that you took on the phone are in the backup, means that you didn't do something right. Next time contact Apple and pay them to learn how to do something right, or use link I provided above.

    You have upgraded since 1988 - your parents must be so proud (NOT).


    If you lost something come back to this forums and create your own thread. Describe your situation -it is possible we can find fix. Do not pollute someone else's- be constructive, please. That is in your best interests.


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