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Sometimes I turn my Apple TV on/off to watch ESPN, listen to music, etc.  Does it have a light that will burn out or is it ok?


I keep reading about a new update regarding the netflix profiles.  It it out yet, mine says "your apple tv is up to date"

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    I think the profiles will just work when they're officially rolled out.


    One site says you can set them up here:




    and they appear on AppleTV soon after.


    As for the light I assume you mean the white LED - it should not burn out.



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    Netflix profiles have nothing to do with an ATV software update. They require an update on Netflix's side and will be rolled out slowly by Netflix.


    The LED on the ATV will automatically turn off when the device goes to sleep. It never really turns off. There is no need for the user to do anything.

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    One of my AppleTVs is still on software 5.0 and Profiles have appeared after creating them - many AppleTV features are internet-based interfaces that can update dynamically without an AppleTV software update.